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Swim Trunks

Our latest selection of men’s swimwear includes patriotic swim trunks for men, as well as a host of designs that show others what’s important to you, what your favorite pastimes are, and where you stand on certain key issues.  

Each of our patriotic swim trunks features an above-the-knee fit and are completely water-repellent so you don’t have to worry about them getting soaked at a barbecue unless you’re jumping in the pool. These men’s drawstring swim trunks have pockets and are similar to men’s board shorts in that they have no liner or netting on the interior. 

Our American Flag swim trunks are great for die-hard patriots while others, like your Pew Pew swim trunks, are great for those who like to have a good laugh. Other fan favorites include our Trump swim trunks and our Keep America Great swim trunks. We’ve got something for every American! Browse our selection of men’s drawstring swim trunks today. 

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