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Trump's 1776 Project: The President's Advisory 1776 Commission Paperback



In 2019, President Donald J. Trump, commissioned a group of 18 learned and prominent historical experts, intellectuals, and college professionals to produce the 1776 Project. The goal was to refute the Left's anti-American 1619 Project once and for all. The 1776 Project was released just two days prior to the close of President Trump's first term. It was such a threat to the Left's narrative, that within hours of his inauguration Joe Biden deleted it from the White House website and ended President Trump's 18-member Commission with an executive order. We were able to download a copy of this report, include a foreword by American historian Gary DeMar, and print it before it was DELETED! Order your copy now before it is banned forever! Paperback, Full-Color, 62 Pages.

In August 2019, aspiring revisionists developed for the New York Times a long-form fiction entitled the 1619 Project. With a mission to “reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the United States’ national narrative,” the project immediately drew criticism from historians and political commentators. It drew the attention of President Donald J. Trump, who commissioned a group of learned and prominent historical experts, intellectuals, and college professionals. 

Under President Trump’s executive order, the 18-member Commission met to develop The 1776 Report to end what it calls “the radicalized view of American history that has vilified the [United States] Founders, and [its] founding.” 

Beautifully demonstrating the un-whitewashed history of our nation’s past, The 1776 Report provides a succinct explanation of where our Founders stood on issues we would later learn to handle differently. History is not a living thing: it is not moral or immoral. It simply is a retelling of the actions of men and women who lived in a different time, with different ideas and thoughts from different environments and experiences. Whether those ideas would later be found pejorative is not a burden of the retelling. History should be factual: it cannot be rewritten to fit a political identity. 

Released just two days prior to the close of President Trump’s first term, Joe Biden pulled The 1776 Report from the White House website and ended the Commission during an unprecedented number of executive orders signed within hours of inaugural proceedings completing. 

“We find this act to be telling: the liberal left cannot accept the past simply was at it was and that we have learned from our mistakes in the past. We would not know our mistakes if we did not know our history. Those who do not look behind are doomed to repeat in the future. Many a word has been written to this effect.” 

So the question is begged, why is the left so determined to rewrite history? Could it be because they are terrified we will begin to dig deeper into the failed policies of socialism and communism? Is it because their “progress” demands regression into government control, elitist power, and the censorship of a formerly free people?

Decide for yourself. Think for yourself. And enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful 1776 Report, as a lasting gift to the American people: the gift of history unaltered. 

Gloss Coated Booklet with Full Color and Illustrated Pages.

Foreword by prolific author, speaker, and world renowned historian Gary DeMar.


Paperback, Full-Color, 62 Pages