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Watch: Six Things President Trump Is Going To Do For The American Worker

President Trump visited the Whirlpool facility in Clyde, Ohio and he laid out six things he'll do in his second term for the American worker.

1. He vowed to defeat the coronavirus, saying a vaccine for COVID-19 will come "sooner than people think."

2. He vowed job prosperity and economic resiliency after the virus is defeated. "We're going to have many many, very very successful years as long unless someone comes along and destroys it by doubling, tripling quadrupling your taxes and something else - regulations. It will be ended, it will be Depression time," he said.

3.  He vowed to turn America into the premiere medical manufacturer of the world. "We cannot rely on China and other nations (for medical essentials) that could one day deny us products." 

4. He vowed to onshore millions of new manufacturing jobs across other sectors. "We will never forget your washers or dryers," he said. Trump then told a story about signing a regulation that gave dishwashers "much more water," saying some people have told him they've had to "hit the button five times" because of restrictors placed on machines to limit water. 

5. He vowed to "bring back American jobs, using every tool in my disposal."

6. He vowed to put American workers first always.

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