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5 Promises President Trump Has Kept On The Economy

Before the pandemic President Trump had created the best economy this country has ever seen. Here are five promises made by the president in 2016 that he kept. 

President Trump passed historic tax cuts signing the first major tax reform bill in 30 years. The tax cuts provided relief for 82% of middle class families. It also cut taxes for small business by 20%, providing $415 billion in tax relief.

Under President Trump’s leadership the US Gross Domestic Product has skyrocketed, topping 3% in four quarters under his administration.

Since taking office President Trump kept his promise and has generated 6 million new jobs. Before the pandemic unemployment fell to its lowest point in 50 years.

The President kept his promise and signed an executive order that expanded federally funded apprenticeship programs and on the job training. The order gave an alternative for those who wish to get involved in a trade instead of attending a university.

Though President Trump’s leadership his administration prioritized the economic empowerment of women at home and across the globe. The Trump Administration launched the first ever whole of government approach to focus on advancing women’s full and free participation in the global economy.

Working hard for the American people President Trump kept his promises to the American people.


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